On Your Side of the Law
Dedicated to Defending the Rights of the Criminally Accused
Cited, Arrested or Charged?

If you have been cited, arrested or charged with a crime, you deserve a committed and dedicated criminal defense lawyer. Within the criminal justice system, many who have been accused of a crime will simply be seen as a case number. At Molea Law, the goal is to get to know you as a person, so that we can show that you are not just another criminal defendant. This approach is important in the persuasion of the prosecution, such as the District Attorney or City Attorney, the judge, and ultimately the jury

Meticulous and Dedicated Representation

Molea Law prides itself in its meticulous and thorough approach to each and every case, regardless of the charges. Whether a petty theftDUI or burglary or vehicular manslaughter, felony or misdemeanor, attention to details will guarantee that your rights are protected, and that law enforcement does not impede on your constitutional protections. 

Experience Within San Diego County Courts

Although located just minutes away from the Central courthouse, Molea Law provides affordable representation in all San Diego County courts, which include East County (El Cajon), South County (National City/South Bay) and North County (Vista). 
Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney to represent you is an important decision.  Contact Stefano L. Molea to schedule a free consultation and personally meet with Mr. Molea. Ultimately, Molea Law will make you comfortable, not just with the criminal justice process, but with the knowledge that all will be done to obtain the best possible results. On Your Side of the Law!

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